How is your life changing?

Are you…  
Changing career…
Facing lay-offs…
Getting married…
Getting divorced…
Having a baby…
Coping with Empty Nest…
Dealing with loss…
Fighting an illness…

Hello and welcome I am Afsaneh Noori And I can teach you how to Take Charge of Change
Dear Afsaneh,
By applying the guidelines found in Afsaneh's Change Thrivers, I have learned to recognize, embrace, and employ the forces of change in my life. From finding love, enduring divorce, losing a job, and becoming an entrepreneur, the process of managing change in my everyday life has been guided by the principles that Change Thrivers outlines so clearly.
Greg Fry
Being in fear's grip chokes the soul. After reading "Change Thrivers" while I was going through the most uncertain time of my life, I was able to breathe again. It quieted the chaos and taught me to listen to my inner voice. I learned that change is whatever YOU decide it will be. In my case, it was freedom, growth, and a new life. Awesome reading...
Cindy Figh
Massage Therapist
Afsaneh's personal story is so very inspiring, and Change Thrivers guidedme and inspired meto better understand how to pass throughseveral significant life changesthat occurred in a very short span of time.  I coped without fearand was able to make careful, thoughtful choicesthat were beneficial. It helped me learn and growduring an overwhelming time, and I know it will continue to help me, as life always provides new challenges for change and growth!
Kathy Peitzsch
Medical Transcription instructor
If you…
  • Are simply surviving life from day to day.
  • Feel drained by the changes in your life.
  • Expend your energy resisting change.
  • Are fearful of moving forward.
  • Feel overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed with too many changes.
  • Feel like you have no control.
  • Are wondering what to do.

You can thrive through change instead

How important is it for you to learn to...

  • Reduce your fear of change?
  • Overcome paralyzing resistance to change?
  • Increase your wellness?
  • Reduce stress related illnesses?
  • Protect and nurture your personal relationships?
  • Create a Strategy to face any change?

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Change Thrivers
Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work

Shows you the way!

I am about to reveal to you the secret to thriving in change.

Dear one,

If you have come to this site, you are probably in the throes of some change in your life. In fact you could be dealing with several changes at the same time. You may be feeling the run-away emotions that come with great change and you are looking for answers.

I know these feelings because I have gone through a great deal of change in my life, including moving to a new country, the aftermath of a revolution which took away my wealth, marriages, children, divorces, empty nest, changing careers, starting a business, losing my loved ones, and many more changes.

My personal changes and over 20 years of experience teaching individuals and organizations about the nature of change has given me a deep understanding of the process and how to go beyond survival to thrive in change. In Change Thrivers Resource Guide, I am passing on this invaluable information to help you successfully confront the changes and challenges of your life.

Change Thrivers arms you with effective tools to heighten your awareness and develop “Change Thriver” skills for living in our constantly changing world. The premise of the book is that even though some people are naturally more resilient in meeting life’s challenges, everyone has the capacity to learn how to make change work for them.

This practical book offers you theories, my personal stories, a self assessment tool, step-by-step techniques, and targeted exercises to help you become “change ready.” Change Thrivers shows you how to focus internally versus externally, effectively improving your experience within your changing environment.


Effective Tools for Actually Managing Change

This is a practical manual that goes beyond concepts with activities and tools to help the reader understand, prepare for and actually thrive in change. It's like lifting weights in two ways. One, to help you build up your strength for dealing with change. The other, to lift the 'weight' off your shoulders of feeling lost, as the reader really begins to take charge of change.
Barry L. Rubin
President , TeamPath, Inc
With engineer's eye and an artist's heart, Afsaneh Noori defines and demystifies the change processin Change Thrivers. As someone who has encountered tumultuous change in her own life, she makes the process easier for others.  She is like a Sherpa guide who takes you on a challenging journey toward a wondrous outcome.
Andrea Brunais
Most books have you listening to a lot of professional advice, leaving you to have to figure out exactly HOW to repeat it on your own. Change Thrivers actually gives the self-studier the tools to work through the phases of change and the person doing the action is you.

I would recommend this book for personal and professional types, for profit and non-profit sectors, for leaders, employees, and parents. The difference with this book - when you are done- it won't be just another book on your shelf, you will have completed the steps to move through what could be your most difficult situations.
Kathy Potts
Change Coach
This well written book offers rich material for any individual or organization going through change.Anyone going through change needs this book! It tackles the subject of change using clear explanations and meaningful exercises. Highly recommended!
Fran Powers
Founder of Powerstories

What’s it worth to you to…

  • Be Unafraid of change.
  • Embrace change and make it work.
  • Have a plan of action to thrive with change.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Increase your wellness.
  • Protect and nurture your personal relationships in change.


These are all possible for you!

Change Thrivers
Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work


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So how Change Thrivers book is different than other self-help books?

When the aftermath of cancer treatment, numerous medical problems and life changes began to overwhelm me and I didn't know how to cope, I was miraculously given yet another gift in the form of Change Thriversworkbook from Afsaneh Noori. This is a very user friendly self guided workbook to assist with change. No matter what YOUR change is...cancer, loss, grief, marriage, divorce, name it. I think this book can help.
Kim Callan
Writer and Cancer Survivor
This book will be helpful to anyone who is facing change and making a transition, no matter what kind. Ms. Noori has done a fine job of weaving her own story of dealing with many, many changes -- including leaving her homeland forever in her twenties to move to another country where she did not even speak the language -- with her learnings of how to effectively thrive and grow through change. Well written, a cozy read, and great exercises. I use the exercises in coaching executives and parents.
Eileen Broer
Life and executive coach

Change Thrivers Resource Guide Offers you:

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